Are you looking for the best golf trunk organizers? If you are anything like me than your trunk is shrine to golf at this point, and this is where a golf trunk organizer can make all the difference.

No more having your gear roll all over your trunk. With a golf trunk organizer, you can keep your tees, balls, shoes, sunscreen, and much more in one place.

In this article I will recommend you the 10 best trunk organizers to keep your trunk clean and clutter free. Looking for golf gifts on a budget? Check out our post on golf gifts under $20 for plenty of options.

Top 8 Best Golf Trunk Organizers & Lockers

Samsonite Expanding Golf Trunk Locker Organizer

The Samsonite Expanding Golf Trunk Locker Organizer is the top dog of trunk organizers and is a #1 best seller for good reason.

The Samsonite trunk organizer is made from rip-stop fabric with a waterproof backing and a fold down design with two levels of storage space. The bottom level is divided and can hold up to 3 pairs of golf shoes while the top has ample room for everything else golf related.

Another great feature is the organizer panel in the lid that can hold all your tees, extra gloves, and other accessories.

Buy Now at Amazon – $49.99

Athletico Golf Shoe Bag - Zippered Shoe Carrier Bag

The Athletico Golf Shoe Bag is also my #1 choice, it just depends on how much golf stuff you carry in your trunk. For me, this is all I need and use. It’s small and fits what you need, nothing more.

The Athletico Golf Shoe Bag golf organizer is exactly what you need and want if you don’t carry to much. I just keep my shoes in there, tees, a few extra balls, and extra gloves as well. It is also ventilated, so it’s perfect for fast drying of your shoes, but I do recommend throwing a dryer sheet in the bottom of it. I do that with any golf organizer and bag, nothing to do with the bag itself.

It’s all you need and it’s a great deal at less than $20! So, it’s a perfect gift for someone or a perfect gift for yourself. Get this one today, you won’t regret it.

Buy Now at Amazon – $17.99

Athletico Golf Trunk Organizer Storage

The Athletico Golf Trunk Organizer is an amazing choice. This is a large golf trunk organizer that will unclutter your trunk. From being water resistant, to being less than $40, this is a great purchase.

The Athletico Golf Trunk Organizer has a bunch of space for almost all of your golf accessories. Of course, it has room for all of your balls, tees, shirts (well not all), and even your shoes. The built in grommets for ventilation is great for airing out your shoes. I am sure everyone knows how bad their shoes smell after playing on a wet or rainy day.

One of the best features is the adjustable dividers. Need more space for some items? Just remove a divider, you can configure the Athletico Golf Trunk Organizer to your needs. Also, it is built to last and offers a 100% satisfaction guarantee. If you aren’t happy with your purchase they will give you a full refund, no questions asked. So you can’t go wrong with this one!

Buy Now at Amazon – $39.99

Trunk-It Golf Gear Storage Trunk Organizer

The Trunk-It Golf Gear Storage Trunk Golf Organizer is another great buy at less than $30. Why do I like the Trunk-It Golf Gear Storage Trunk Golf Organizer? It’s built to last, lots of storage, and adjustable dividers.

This golf organizer is large, it is 19”x15”6”, it’s big enough to keep all of your golf gear in place and not rolling all over your trunk.

Also, it is adjustable! You can adjust the dividers to customize your golf organizer. Just move around the dividers to suit your needs and you can easily have access to all of your gear.

Also, it’s less than $30. So if this is a gift this is a great option, it’s a great golf trunk organizer and it won’t break the bank or fall apart in a year.

Buy Now at Amazon – $28.22


The JEF WORLD OF GOLF Trunk Locker is another great choice if you are in the market for a golf trunk organizer.

It Measures 9 x 15 x 6 inches (W x D x H), and features a mesh panel so to keep airflow going and to allow for quick drying. You can easily fit all of your golf accessories and extras in here. From your shoes to tees, the JEF WORLD OF GOLF Trunk Locker has you covered.

Buy Now at Amazon – $32.49

Stripe Golf Trunk Organizer and Travel Storage Locker

The Stripe Golf Trunk Organizer and Travel Storage Locker is a great pick and a large organizer. It’s measures 18″ x 14″ x 6″ (L x W x H) and made of 600D polyester.

Like most of the organizers it won’t have trouble keeping your necessary accessories all organized and in one place. The dividers are also adjustable so you can move them around to your liking, and when not in use you can remove the dividers and it folds flat for easy storage.

Buy Now at Amazon – $24.99

Intech Golf Trunk Organizer

This is a pricier option but it is worth it if you like to extra shirts and other clothing.

The top layer is perfect for extra shirts, gloves, sunscreen, tees, hats, and any other golf related item. The bottom compartment is of course for your shoes. After playing in wet conditions you don’t want those things anywhere near your clothing. This thing really is big, it’s like a trunk inside your trunk.

The Intech Golf Trunk Organizer comes in two options, a double layer and a single layer. If you are carrying more than just shoes, tees, and a few balls than I recommend getting the double layer version which is listed here. That way your shoes won’t be all over your shirts, gloves, and anything else you don’t want stained.

Buy Now at Amazon – $44.84

Picnic at Ascot Golf Trunk Organizer

The Picnic at Ascot Golf Trunk Organizer is amazing choice if this is for a gift for somebody else or even for yourself. It’s perfect for the average golfer. You can fit your shoes, gloves, tees, and balls.

The Picnic at Ascot Golf Trunk Organizer is constructed with rugged 600 denier polyester this spacious trunk organizer (14″ wide x 14″ deep x 8″ high) has room for up to 2 pairs of golf shoes and all your golfing accessories.

It also comes with a lifetime warranty, so no matter what happens. You are covered and can get a new one if yours breaks.

Buy Now at Amazon – $37.50

There you go, our best golf trunk organizers for every type of golfer. You can’t go wrong with any of the above top 8, if you have a different suggestion please leave a comment below.


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